Great debate `Women policy by life cycle and by region`
2023. 02. 08 kiwp
KIWP held its great debate:  `Now! Women`s policy should be tailored.`   Invitees to the event were the  general public and prominent national women leaders in the political and academic fields.  This time the debate focused on examining women`s circumstances according to life cycle and by region, and using those factors to develop women-tailored policy.  These factors would constitute the basis for women`s policy platforms with the 8th local elections ahead.  

Dr. Jungsook Kim chaired the debate while Prof. Minjung Kim and Researcher Eunkyung Kim made the presentations.  Ms. Heejung Kim, the former Minister of Gender Equality, and Prof. Kyungjae Song took part as panelists.  
33rd Anniversary Celebration and Special Lecture  On-line discussion on Women`s policy in Choongchung Provine -Daejun and Sejong area