Online debate in Yeongnam and Honam districts
2023. 02. 08 kiwp
On September 7, 2021, The Korean Institute for Women and Politics held an online debate in Yeongnam and Honam districts. The purpose was to discuss women`s policies in different areas and to provide meaningful analysis. Director Eunmi Park from Kyeongbook Women`s Development Institute and researcher Nanjoo Kim from KIWP provided the substance of  the presentation.  Director Park focused on gender equality, work/life balance, domestic violence, and reinforcing methods, while researcher Kim analyzed employment figures which is the foundation for the work//life balance in Honam area.
 On-line discussion on Women`s policy in Choongchung Provine -Daejun and Sejong area Online discussion on women`s policy by region, <Seoul and Gyeonggi Province>