Online discussion on women`s policy by region,
2023. 02. 08 kiwp
The Korean Institute for Women and Politics held an online lecture on August 26th as a continued project focusing on women`s policy by life cycle and by region. Ms. Yangmin Cho, VP of the Korean National Council of Women presented on women`s policy in Seoul and Kyeonggi-Province. Excellent discussion ensued following Cho’s talk according to location.   Ms. Hyeran Oh, Kyeonghee Kim, Youngmi Lee, and Hyekyung Lee focused on the Seoul area, while Ms. Misun Bin, Hongja Chung, and Jungsoon Yoo took a close look at the Gyeonggi Province area. . Approximately 40 members, including those from the general public,  attended the session and demonstrated considerable interest in women`s policy according to  region.
Online debate in Yeongnam and Honam districts Online lecture  "Women`s policy should be customized Now!"